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The main Olympics

The Republican stage of the main Olympiad will continue.

Today, the republican stage of the Main Olympiad started in the subjects of mathematics, informatics and information technologies, English, French, and German in Tashkent, and in the subjects of chemistry, biology, and physics in Bukhara.

336 students who took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places among the 11th grade students in the III (regional) stage of the main science Olympiad are taking part in this Olympiad. According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 562, the students who won the prize according to the results of the Olympiad will receive cash prizes and the privilege of being awarded the maximum score in the entrance exams of higher education institutions in the subject of the prize. The teachers of the winners will be awarded with one-time cash prizes in the amount of 50, 35, 30 times BHM (16.5 million, 11.55 million, 9.9 million), respectively.

Faizullayeva Zilola from academic lyceum WIUT is participating in this competition in the field of Uzbek language.



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