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“WEST drama” announces recruitment


  • Desire to play in performances and scenes;
  • Organizational skills for those want to work behind the scene;
  • Creativity and responsibility;

In order to join write to:

Telegram -- @thfios;
Instagram -- @alwiut_drama.


“VU West” announces recruitment


  • Ability sing rap, play musical instruments well;
  • Responsible approach to tasks and requirements;
  • Desire and time

In order to join write to:

Telegram -- @ng_angel 

Instagram --  @vu_west 



“West moves” announces recruitment


  • Responsibility – be reliable person in a team;
  • Desire – ready to share energy through dance movements;
  • Courage – be open to express yourself in different dance styles;

In order to join write to:

Telegram -- @latifarakh 
Instagram --  @west.moves 

Dance off your good vibes!

The Newest

Between 28th of October and 7th November candidates will be chosen and results will be informed afterwards in social media sites.

Casting will take place in 2 stages:

1) Interview 28/10-31/10

We will see you in room 22 from 11.15 till 12.30 for 4 days.

2) Creative work 31/10-07/11

Completed assignments should be sent in pdf format.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

For all questions write to:

@matricariarecutita - Director of The Newest@dolccee - USC media

@AzizMuminoff - Chief Designer of The Newest



1)Bring your portfolio to interview (posters, logo and pictures)

2)If you hesitate about your work, you will have optional assignment


1- Interview

2- After interview, you have to collect information about structure of usc and its history development;



2)After the interview you will have to edit article;

West FM

Are you fond of music? Are you eager to share positive mood with the entire lyceum? Do you want to be a part of something bigger?

West FM announces recruitment for the team. 


  • Make a play list of 10 song that you want to play at lyceum radio and send to @khv_max;
  • Get ready given article in an impressive way;

Interview will take place in the room 22 between 2nd and 5th Novembers (11:15-12:30). The results will be informed in 6th of November.

Look forward to seeing everyone and wish you luck!

For all questions write to:

@dolccee - USC Media
@khv_max – Director of “West FM”


West TV

West TV team is glad to announce recruitment!

From 6th till 10th November in the room 22 (11:15-12:30) casting will take place in the form of interview. The results will be announced on 11th of November.

For all questions write to:

1) @dolccee - USC Media
2) @kiioshii- Director of West TV
3) @peachtuber – the chief editor of West TV




2)Send 10 photos shot by you to @kiioshisomi (mention the device that photos were taken)



2)Demonstrate the best edited by you video during the interview;



2)You will be supposed to demonstrate your ability to speak in front of camera and reporting and interviewing skills;

Timetable for extra curriculum activities:


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