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Brain ring

On April 25, 2023, at the Academic Lyceum of the WIUT, within the framework of the month of the Exact and Natural Sciences department, an intellectual game of "Brain ring" was held, the participants of which were second-year students.

8 groups took part in the brain ring, of which 6 participants were selected.

Each group defended its honor.

In total, 8 teams participated, 48 students.

The intellectual game consisted of 30 questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

The winners of the game were the teams with the most points.


1st place - team 2Rug2,

2nd place - team 2Rug1,

3rd place - team 2Rug5.

The three winning teams received certificates of commendation.

The rest of the teams were also awarded certificates of honor in various nominations.



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