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Technology makes people smarter

The students of ALWIUT are actively engaged not only in the social life of the lyceum but also in collaborative events with the students of other educational settings. The academic lyceum of WIUT hosted a competition where the students of ALWIUT and Cambridge International College (CIC) debated on March 15. Overall, four teams, namely "Northwest" (ALWIUT), "Southwest" (ALWIUT), "Ibn Sino" (CIC), and "Alisher Navoiy" (CIC), participated in a debate consisting of two tournaments: "Technology makes people smarter" (first phase) and "Education is not key to success" (second phase). Each team consisted of six members. The themes for the debate were chosen randomly at the beginning of the event by judges.

The first phase of the debate, "Technology makes people smarter," saw equally compelling arguments from both teams. The "Northwest" team argued that technology does not make people smarter, but it is a tool that can enhance learning. On the other hand, the "Ibn Sino" team acknowledged the potential of technology in enhancing learning but also expressed concern about the negative effects of technology on the cognitive abilities of individuals.

The second phase of the debate also commenced with a passionate exchange of arguments from both teams, presenting their cases for and against the proposition that education is not the key to success.

In a nutshell, the event was a huge success, providing a platform for students to voice their opinions and engage in critical thinking and argumentation.



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