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The day of foreign languages

The day of foreign languages

Today, on December 21, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​presented to the attention of all comers its idea of ​​how England, France and Germany looked in the 19th century.
Our students, led by teachers of English, French and German, after long rehearsals and hard work, shone on stage today. They really were able to create the very atmosphere that reigns in these cultures. Each spectator, together with the traveler, were able to miraculously move abroad.

In this they were helped by folk dances, songs and, of course, costumes, which amazed and surprised everyone. For example, during the performance of France, the symbol was a French baguette, croissant and berets. It was also surprising that the violinists played a composition from the French animated series Lady Bug and Super Cat. The British, on the other hand, showed their traditional outfits. The Queen of England's robes were excellent. The Germans raised the spirits of all those present with their merry songs.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is highly valued today. If you want to improve them, we are waiting for you at the next festival.


22 December 2021




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