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Dear lyceum students!

Do you see science as something confusing and inexplicable? Are you bored during dull lectures and are sure that science is a boredom? 

Then we are glad to announce the recruitment to the Science Club - "Gravity "

Science Club - "Gravity" promotes science, proving that it can be not only an uninteresting class, but also fascinating! You will find another definition of science thanks to various experiments in our club!

We are looking for the students who are:
🫧 fond of physics, chemistry or astronomy;
🫧 open minded and ready to try out something new
🫧 eager to learn how fascinating science is!

Photographers, SMM-specialists and speakers are also welcomed to the club!

All that's required from you is passion and responsibility. We are waiting for you in anticipation! 

For questions: @LulL_0_0.


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