The courses taught in the lyceum are in line with National Educational Standards and curriculum for specialized secondary vocational educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The period of studies in the lyceum is three years, like in other academic lyceums of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The lyceum graduates receive an official diploma which enables them to apply for tertiary educational institutions or start their career as junior specialists.

English instruction in the lyceum is based on a specially designed curriculum. The main goal of the English curriculum is to prepare students to continue their studies in higher educational institutions where the main language of instruction is English. The students of the lyceum will gain skills in understanding and working with spoken and written academic texts, expressing themselves freely, both orally and in written form, carrying out research and present their findings in English. It is expected that the students who successfully accomplish the English language program of the lyceum will be able to achieve high overall band scores in International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

The students can also learn languages other than English. Along with English curriculum, specially designed Mathematics and Computer science curricula are also characterised by in-depth coverage of subject matter.

In their third year at the lyceum, the students have an option to study the Certificate of International Foundation Studies Course, along with the subjects required by the state curriculum. It is a one-year, 120 credits worth course validated by Westminster International University in Tashkent and delivered by the lyceum totally in English. Students who successfully complete the course will automatically qualify for progression onto one of WIUT’s degree-level programmes.