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The path of success of Zelensky Leonid - a graduate of ALWIUT

The path of success of Zelensky Leonid - a graduate of ALWIUT

It's no secret that almost all graduates of our lyceum successfully enter international universities not only in Uzbekistan, but also in prestigious, world-famous universities in Europe, the USA, Russia and other highly developed countries. We managed to interview Leonid Zelensky, a graduate of ALMST and a student of one of the most highly qualified universities in the Russian Federation. Leonid shared his personal experience with us, and also gave good advice to future programmers!

1. Tell us a little about your university and why you chose it.

I study at Innopolis University. The university itself specializes in IT areas (Data Science, AI, CyberSec, Soft Engineering). The university is relatively young (it has been operating since 2015), but has already graduated a lot of specialists and has solid sponsors in the person of Sberbank, MTS, Gazprom, Yandex and many others.

I chose it because it offers good tuition, great scholarships and a vibrant student life.

2. What do you plan to work after graduation, or are you already working at the moment?

Video games have been my passion since childhood. Therefore, the plans are to work in a video game development company.

3. Did you participate in programming competitions? If yes, please share your story.

I participated in many Olympiads, both individual and team. I started from the moment I got into the West. I am very grateful to my mentors for my knowledge and skills: Sasha, Robert and Jan.
I would recommend that those who plan to enter IT areas take part in such Olympiads. You will better understand the programming language, improve the speed and flexibility of thinking, and add certificates and diplomas to your portfolio (trust me, you will need it).

4. What skills do you need to have to become a qualified programmer?

And what skills do you need to become a doctor, scientist or athlete? Someone will argue that perseverance, endurance, flexible mind, etc. In fact, just wanting is enough. If you want to do it, you will do it, and the rest of the skills can be learned along the way.

5. What would you like to advise novice programmers?

Read. Nowadays, the Internet contains a bunch of different information that will help you in mastering programming.

Don't get into programming if you don't know your computer. In my memory, there were many people who are good at programming, but do not know some things that will make it easier for them to use a PC and program.

Practice over theory. You must apply what you read, otherwise the information will not stick in your head.


31 January 2022




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