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Interview with the winner of the photo contest

Interview with the winner of the photo contest "Uzbekistan on the Eve of the New Year"

Recently, our lyceum hosted a competition for the best photo of winter in Uzbekistan "Uzbekistan on the Eve of the New Year" from The Newest and ALWIUT Photoclub. There were presented stunning photographs of the decorated streets of our homeland, saturated with a New Year's atmosphere, as well as panoramas of the incredible nature of Uzbekistan.

The winner of the competition was the author of this wonderful photo - Bunyod Tolibjonov from 1RuG1:

And how can you pass up the opportunity to interview him?

When and where did you manage to take this wonderful picture?

Two days before the new year, when my family and I decided to climb the Amirsoy cable car.

Your hobbie?

I am fond of programming. Completed a full course in web programming at the PROWEB training center. I also like to play football.

What contributed to your admission to ALWIUT? What do you expect from studying at this lyceum?

My parents wanted me to study here. I was preparing for admission for 5 months at the Real Science training center. I am sure that studying at ALWIUT will help me in entering universities, and these two years of study here will be very memorable. And of course, one of the main advantages of the lyceum is the awesome football and basketball field.

Do you have an idol? What celebrity do you think you are like?

Eden Hazard - Belgian footballer, plays for Real Madrid, captain of the Belgian national team. I consider him an excellent footballer and a very kind person. I want to adopt from him such character traits as sincerity, kindness, hard work and confidence.

Are there any quotes from movies, songs or books that you liked and remembered?

Certainly. "This is the past, and the past is not my concern" from the series "Peaky Blinders". "Don't want to be dead" - From GonzoG's "Pick a side". And also a line from another GonzoG song - "Astrea": ​​"I dont give a damn what this n * ggas sayin '".

Imagine that you have a time machine and you can only use it once. What would you do?

I would buy bitcoin for $ 1.

You have to try everything in life. Are there things that you will definitely never try?

Probably a parachute jump, because I'm afraid that the parachute will break in the air.

What would you spend a million dollars on?

Definitely a trip around the world. First of all, I would like to visit Germany and taste real juicy Bavarian sausages.

If you write a book about your life, what would you call it?

"Black Babylon". It is an ancient city in Mesopotamia, the "first metropolis". How is it related to my life? A sharp transition to a modern lifestyle, the emergence of the Internet and social. networks.

Once again, we congratulate Bunyod on his victory and wish him continued success!


05 January 2022




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