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Model United Nations in ALWIUT

Model United Nations in ALWIUT

MUN is one of the largest events held in our lyceum. It gives everyone the opportunity to participate and contribute to one of the MUN sessions.
On December 11, at 8:30 am, registration began at the Lyceum Lobby for all delegates attending the upcoming conference. As previously announced, this event was mainly organized for our freshmen to show them how it all works, and only the Security Council had a sophomore presence.

If you look at the schedule, the process consisted of three sessions: the first two were devoted mainly to Moderated / Unmoderated Caucus, and on the final one smoothly proceeded to discuss and approve Resolution Paper (resolution).

There were lunch and break breaks between sessions, during which all delegates were deliciously fed and energized for the rest of the day. And when all three committees, namely Security Council, General Assembly, ECOSOC passed the best resolution, they all got down to Gossip Box. During the conference, everyone could write about anything anonymously and put a note there. Thus, the third session ended with fun and laughter: dances, songs and other interesting tasks.

Closing ceremony - the most intriguing part, where the winners of the nominations "The best delegate", "The best speaker" and "The best position paper" are announced. All the winners were very pleased and applauded them in unison, but no one was left out, because everyone received a Certificate of Participation.

The Newest team congratulates all the winners and thanks everyone for participating! Special thanks to the organizers, West TV members and volunteers who took their time and worked the whole day.


13 December 2021




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