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Competition on the theme

Competition on the theme "This wonderful world"

ALWIUT announced a competition on the theme "This wonderful world" in which all groups of students took an active part. In total, 12 creative works were selected, evaluated on the basis of presentations and videos.

The jury considered creative works in which ideas were put forward to be attentive to the world around us, to the conditions that surround us, to people, to enjoy the wonders of the world around us, to study masterpieces of art, to be able to enjoy life without being discouraged in any difficult situation.

According to the results of the competition:

By presentations:

1st place - 2 groups RUG2

2nd place - 1 group RUG3

3rd place - 1RUG1 and 1UZG1

By videos:

1st place - 1st group RUG4

2nd place - 1st group RUG7

3rd place - 1st group RUG5.


15 December 2021




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