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Constitution Day at ALWIUT

Constitution Day at ALWIUT

Today our lyceum hosted an event dedicated to the Constitution Day.

This event was opened by the speech of 1UzG2, which perfectly reveal the understanding of the 18th article, "All citizens of Uzbekistan have the same rights and freedoms before the law, without distinction of gender, race, nationality, language, religion, social origin, beliefs, personal and social status" ...

The next were 1RuG2. The students prepared a creative video through which they were able to show the entire concept of the 29th article "Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, thought and belief."

1RuG1 impressed the judges with their professional acting and informative interview dedicated to the 26th article "Anyone accused of committing a crime shall be presumed innocent until his guilt is established by law, through a public trial, in which he is provided with all the possibilities for defense."

The original storyline pleased 1UzG1. The guys moved the spectators to the hospital corridors of the psychiatric hospital, where they fully revealed the content of the 42nd article "Everyone is guaranteed freedom of scientific and technical creativity, the right to use the achievements of culture."

The most touching performance was a scene from 1RuG7, in which they compared two generations: one brought up in a loving family by caring parents, and the other, growing up in a dysfunctional family with parents suffering from alcohol addiction. This example perfectly reflected the 64th article "Parents are obliged to support and educate children until they come of age."

1RuG5 immersed all spectators in the special atmosphere of the 19th century with their magnificent ballroom performance and exciting duel. By clarifying the relationship through violence, the guys showed what our life would be like without the 24th article "The right to life is the inalienable right of every person."

Another travel to the past, created by the students from 1RuG3, also did not go unnoticed. The students were able to very accurately describe the state of children without the 41st article, which states that everyone has the right to education.

One of the most vital and instructive videos was a video from 1RuG6, in which they were able to convey at a high level all the need for the 66th article: "Adult able-bodied children are obliged to take care of their parents."

The most striking performance can be called the game 1RuG4. The guys cited the most common situations in life as an example to Article 37 "Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of work, to fair working conditions and to protection from unemployment in the manner prescribed by law" and ignited the audience with their positive dance.

At the end of the competition, each group received awards in the form of certificates with suitable nominations, which motivates students to try even harder and surprise the jury at subsequent events.


07 December 2021




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