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High score on the SAT exam

High score on the SAT exam

Find out how to get a high SAT and how students of our lyceum got it. Also, discover new sources for SAT preparation.

SAT. It sounds very intimidating to many students, but most of those who apply abroad will sooner or later encounter it. The SAT stands for "Scholatic Aptitude Test", from English: "Academic Assessment Test". The exam consists of three sections: text analysis, mathematics and writing. The test lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes. As a rule, simple questions are located closer to the beginning, and difficult questions - towards the end of the section. For admission to most educational institutions in the USA and Canada, for undergraduate programs, the applicant must submit to the universities of his choice the results of standardized tests - SAT or ACT, because they are one of the main assessment criteria.

So our experts, who received high scores, answered our questions in order to personally tell about their unique experience.

- Do you think it is possible to prepare for the SAT on your own or is the presence of a teacher playing an important role?

Rakhmatov Sunnatulla: “I would say that a teacher is extremely important in preparation, at least at the initial stage of preparation. The main factors in obtaining a top score in SAT are knowledge of each type of question and method of solving each, as well as careful work on mistakes. with the second one without a teacher - nothing. SAT reading passages are not easy for most students, and even from the second or third attempt it will not always be 11/11. Therefore, you need a person who will show and tell why D and not C ".

- What sources and materials did you use in the preparation?

"I solved examples and did reading + writing on Khan Academy (khanacademy.org). There are thousands of different examples that are categorized by topic. I perceived the problems there as a game, because at the bottom there is a counter of my solved examples and you can keep track of my statistics. like any other game in KA I wanted to have the best stats among my friends, I now have about 3000 resolved questions there.

satpractice.tools - this is where I practiced. "

How much time per day did you spend preparing and did you have a strict compliance schedule?

Yakubov Firdavs: “I did not have a strict preparation schedule. I spent 1.5 hours every 2-3 days preparing when I had free time. This lasted about 4-5 months.

I spent a lot more time (2.5 hours a day) in July, a month before my SAT, when I started to take my practice a little more seriously.

All in all, a lot of time was spent, maybe not very efficiently, but in the end it worked. "

- How not to lose motivation, solving sometimes boring examples on an ongoing basis?

“One strategy that I used (and which I teach my students), when I was very bored with constantly deciding, I started reading about the chosen universities. My dream of going to one of the colleges was so strong that I forced myself to solve these boring examples to have a better chance of achieving your goals. This does not only work with universities. If you have something that you deeply desire, you will find motivation to study because you know that it will help you fulfill your dreams. "

- During the exam, were you worried? How can you curb your excitement at all?

Shamshidov Mikhail: "Yes, very much, and that's why I got 1460, although I usually got 1500+ in practice. I still haven't found the answer to the question of how to curb the excitement."

- What problems can mainly arise on the way to a high result?

"Well, basically, I had 2 main problems. The time in the SAT is very short, and even if you are used to it, sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with the time. And the second problem is that I always show poor results on exams , because I just can't cope with my stress, so here my advice is to calm down somehow. "

- Was there a mistake you made while preparing?

Roman Malko: "I would say that there were no mistakes in preparation as such. Even if they were, they played in my favor."

- What advice would you give to those who will take the SAT in the future?

“Firstly, I advise everyone to start preparing NOW. The test itself is incredibly difficult, and each section requires careful preparation. Practice every day (at least 30 minutes), practice more.
Second, find yourself a mentor. Chat with people who have taken the SAT and ask them for advice. When I was preparing for the SAT, there was no such person next to me; I had to look for all the info myself. It took a lot of time, and in your case, time is a very precious resource. Also, you can join our SAT Club https://t.me/SAT_ALWIUT_group, where the guys who passed the test for a high score will help you go through this difficult path. "


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