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13 May 2013

Academic Lyceum of Westminster International University in Tashkent was established on December 9, 2008, in accordance with Decree # 270 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan....


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16 May 2013


Smile Academic Lyceu...

16 May 2013



16 May 2013

On the 25th of February the ALWIUT’s Radio called “West fm”, with huge effort and work of Student’s Union board as well as talented students and administatration, was launched.


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Exam result 2014.


Administration of academic lyceum under WIUT informs following for successfully passed students;

  *   Students apply documents by themselves

  *   Proof of enrolment will be given after submission original birth of certificate and exam pass in 30 July, 2014

  *   Original documents submission will start after 31.07.2014 till 10.08.2014 from 9.00 to 17.00, Lunch time from 13.00 to 14.00

Please download in PDF:
>>> WIUT Academic Lyceum entrance exam results.<<<

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We are for a healthy lifestyle

     There was a week of Biology in the academic lyceum under WIUT  from 24th till  29th of November. There were organized various events  regarding this week, such as  an open Biology lessons, a charity events  dedicated to  “the Fight against the HIV” day,  at the Institute of Virus logy , as well as the offering the gifts, to  children who are suffering from HIV, a visit to the Museum of Health under the  name of K.S. Zoirova, inviting the  representatives  of the United Nations to meet with our lyceum students.

            Closure of the week was marked by holding a concert "We are for a healthy lifestyle", where  all groups of 1-year students  appeared with their performances on the themes: Smoking, AIDS, Drug addiction, Alcoholism. By the end of the concert, all students were awarded with special  certificates and gifts from UNECEF .

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Language Day

Academic lyceum under WIUT celebrated the National Language Day as the 24th  anniversary of its adoption with great pomp and show. The celebration was organized by virtue of hard work and enthusiasm of the following Uzbek language teachers:  Sayyora Alimova, Jamila Boltaboyeva, Khusniya Muslimova, Go’zal Sultanova. Lyceum students showed delightful sketches and music turns, read verses and articles devoted to this grand occasion. Shakhlo Hudoybergenova, the 3rd level student, amazed the audience with cheerful and expressive national dance. The duet of Khalilulo Abdumuminov and Kamila Latipova, who sang the song of "Oq bulut", impressed the guests and participants of the ceremony with harmonicity and lyricism of their performance.


The  event enabled both groups of coordinators and participants to express their deep appreciation on the occasion of the national holiday of the country as well as to manifest their creativity.

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Holding a sound-and-light show “Uzbek Modern Cinderella”

An unforgettable occasion called “Uzbek Modern Cinderella” was held on 18th of May 2013 in an assembly hall of academic lyceum under Westminster International University in Tashkent. Only first-year students were involved in the competition. Inherently, students were assigned to make a scene similar to original “Cinderella”, modifying it by involving in scenario some Uzbek national customs and modern hectic life. Excluding the tasks, which were mentioned above, they had to make an adorable greeting and participate in “logic part”. Initially, the main aim of that show was to enhance learner’s language skills as it was held in English language. The active participants of that show were groups 1UzG1, 1RuG1, 1RuG2, 1RuG4, 1RuG5. As a result, 1UzG1 had the upper hand, since its musical greeting, performance and logic was unsurpassed. However, the fact that other groups could not win did not let them stand aside. 1RuG1 was nominated for the best performance, while 1RuG2 was designated as possessing peerless costumes. An incomparable “logic part” performed by 1RuG4 impressed spectators and judges. 1RuG5 is last but not least, executed a matchless musical greeting singing an astounding song. The event went delightfully and was relished immensely by everyone. Subsequently, all groups received a standing ovation at the end of their performances.

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Competition held on 30 may

On 30 May 2013 in the framework of the Month of Mathematics 3rd –year students of the Lyceum held KVN – a contest of wits, fun and imagination.  Sparkling jokes, humorous sketch shows, original dancing, bright decorations, cute video clips, dazzling background music and enthusiasm of the  participants created a radiant, welcoming and overall festive atmosphere for all those present, including the jury and the fans!

The winners were Group 3Rug1! A slide show by 3 Rug2 wrapping up the contest touched the hearts of the audience.  Great job done by all participants!

And our specials thanks go to the organizers of KVN - teachers Natalia Ivanova, Nilufar Nasretdinova, and Guzal Safiullina under the guidance of experienced Shakhida Yuldasheva.

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