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Charity fair at ALWIUT

Charity fair at ALWIUT

On November 22, our Lyceum hosted a charity fair organized by the School of Volunteers. During the break, students could purchase pastries and refreshments prepared by volunteers. The first floor of the lyceum was filled with the aroma of homemade pastries, many children baked goodies with their own hands. And everyone was united by a sense of unity.

In just one break, in 50 minutes, 1 million 480 thousand soums were collected. All proceeds will go to the House of Mercy No. 21.

School of Volunteers coordinator Kamila Kadyrova shared her impressions of the fair: “I express my deep gratitude to all the volunteers in organizing this event - everyone brought something with them, no one was left on the sidelines.

It is important to hold such events, because there are still people in society who need attention and care. I am glad that a generation has grown up that understands the importance of charity. "


24 November 2021




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