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What are the deadlines for submitting documents?

According to the current admission rules, the following deadlines for submission of documents apply:

  • The deadline for online registration in June 2021, will be set by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;
  • Personal submission of documents to the academic lyceum and the time of issuing passes for the exam will be carried out via e-mail (personal e-mail of the applicant), the Lyceum website (http://lyceum.wiut.uz/) or the official telegram channel of the Lyceum (https://t.me/lyceum_wiut_uz);
What kind of documents do you need to submit?
Do I need a Form 086 certificate when submitting documents?
When will the exams take place? What exams do I need to take?
Benefits to winners of subject Olympiads and competitions, holders of certificates of the level of mastering subjects


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