1. SU or Students’ Union is the representative and self-governance body of the students of Lyceum of Westminster International University in Tashkent, who is concerned to assist, support and engage students with and in their academic and social life, represent their rights and cooperate with the administration on behalf of the Students and in their best favor, as well as organize non-academic activities.

2. SU consists of the members, who are the official students of WIUTL, starting from first year of studies and till the graduation after the Lyceum. Membership is free of charge.

3. Members have the full right to enjoy all the benefits possible from SU activities, participate in SU activities, organize certain activities after the SU Boards’ approval and vote, henceforth elect SU Executives.

4. SU Full-Time Officials consist of five elected Executives. Only the students with the best academic excellence can be elected or appointed to hold any SU Full-Time Executive position for two office years only. Executives are to be elected and/or appointed during specially selected time each year.

5. SU Executives are those students who voluntarily decide to devote their time and effort.

6. Thus, no extra privilege and extra material benefits can be demanded or expected, except for just motivation and compensation of the time and relevant costs, and experience that members can earn depending on their abilities and efforts employed.

7. SU cannot be employed as a form of monetary benefits’ or profit making activities. No SU project can be done on the purpose of earning money more than was discussed and decided upon in the Board.

8. All SU projects can be monetary profit engaged only for the purpose of refunding the expenses, fund raising, required and fair motivation if success achieved and nothing more.

9. Primary aim of SU is the interior concerned projects. That is, Executives are firstly responsible for their positions and activities within the borders of the Lyceum.

10. SU is a Public Organization and has to provide per Semester final reports and make it available for anyone interested for the specially stated period of time regarding the outcomes of the work done and plans.

11. SU operates in accordance with the SU Code-Constitution. Severe breach of the SU Code-Constitution may result in Disciplinary Offense as recommended by the Supreme Court and/or General Manager.