An academic year consists of two semesters, twenty teaching weeks each. There is a short break between the semesters. During the semester, students take two mid-term examinations and one final examination on each subject they are taking. On-going assessment of the student’s progress is carried out through in-class written and oral tests. In order to provide the objectivity of assessment, an ID system is adopted in the lyceum.

Special attention is paid to the student’s independent learning. The lyceum’s Learning Resource Centre provides a variety of resources both for academic purposes and for self-development. The Centre contains more than 500 titles of academic literature and fiction, including more than 100 titles in English, German, Spanish and French. Books in English include not only textbooks for teaching English as a foreign language, but also textbooks on other academic disciplines such as economics, law and management in English. The centre also subscribes to newspapers, magazines and journals published in Uzbekistan and abroad, which help students and teachers to keep abreast of the latest developments in academia. The centre’s two reading rooms can seat 150 students, and students also enjoy open access to the computers in the library to work on their coursework. Moreover, the students are regularly provided with the electronic versions of the lecture materials through the lyceum web-site.

With the help of the lyceum’s Students Union, the students of the lyceum regularly organize clubs as well as intellectual and sports competitions, which help them to relax and develop intellectually and physically. The students publish their magazine “West Up”, which informs the readers about the news in the lyceum. Students also organize events to celebrate national holidays.

Academic Lyceum has in its possession an excellently equipped Sports Centre, which was opened during the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent on May 27, 2009. The Sports Centre facilities are designed to meet diverse needs of students, and include a fitness room, a gymnasium, an indoor pitch which can host volleyball, handball, badminton, soccer and table tennis games. The fans of intellectual games have opportunities to play chess and draughts. Separate changing rooms for boys and girls as well as for men staff and women staff provide such amenities as drawers for keeping the personal belongings and showers. The Sports Centre also has an outdoor soccer pitch with artificial grass and a basketball pitch with an artificial rubber coating. The Sports Centre’s medical room provides first aid to students. The students of the lyceum can use the facilities of the Sports Centre not only during their Physical Education classes, but in their leisure time as well. The Head of Physical Education Oksana Karpova, the Head of the Sports Centre Bakhodir Keldiyorov and trainers of the centre are there to help the students organize their personal timetable of trainings.